Building release notes for pre-release 0.0.2

Hi guys (and Antia), 

I'm going to keep this list up to date. If you make a change, please
notify me of it so that I can track it in the upcoming release notes for
the 0.0.2 pre-release that we are preparing these next two weeks.

The changes after two days are already worthy of a new pre-release, so
there is definitely going to be one either next week or in two weeks.

I'm adding people of who I know are planning to build Tinymail packages
or use the release candidates in their infrastructure in CC of this
E-mail. If I missed somebody, or if somebody prefers not to be put in
the CC list, please let me know. 

I'm not going to do this E-mail each two days, just marking the start of
it. I'm planning to make this list at a frequency of once per week, and
a pre-release at once per two weeks depending on the necessity.

Changes so far (two days since pre-release 0.0.1)

Philip Van Hoof: 
  * Fixed a filedescriptor leak when there are no items in a folder
  * Changed the Copyright of tny-vfs-stream.c to LGPL
  * Date, Received, INTERNALDATE fixes
  * Fixed filedescriptor leaks with local folders
  * Fixed online command attempts when password got cancelled
  * Fixed a possible race condition in CamelMultipart
  * Fixed thread leakage on threads that are joinable but never joined
  * Major changes in TnyFolderStoreQuery and TnyFolderStoreQueryItem
    Support for non-regular expression matches and case insensitive
    matching added (this was a major API change)

Javier Fernandez Garcia-Boente:
  * Several fixes in TnyCamelSendQueue
  * Added tny_camel_send_queue_add_msg_async API (this was a minor API change)

Sergio Villar Senin:
  * Added tny_merge_folder_remove_folder API (this was a minor API change)
  * Added tny_merge_folder_get_folders API (this was a minor API change)

Vivek Sekar:
 * Fixed a Maemo integration build error in camel-lite's

Philip Van Hoof, software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org

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