Re: Tinymail can't create folders on my IMAP server

I committed this fix because somebody showed me folder creation commands
that illustrated the problem, indeed. If we can't create root folders on
some other IMAP servers anymore, then we'll need some more intelligent
check for this.

We'll see and keep an eye on it, right? Try asking for pcaps (wireshark
logs, for example) and search for "CREATE" IMAP commands.

On Sat, 2007-07-07 at 17:19 +0200, Armin Burgmeier wrote:
> I cannot create new folders with tinymail on the IMAP server
> (it is a shared one, so I don't have direct access to it, but I can
> probably find out some more information if required), though it works on
> the one. I figured out that if I replace "/" by NULL in
> the call to camel_store_create_folder() in
> tny_camel_store_account_create_folder_default() at line 856 of
> tny-camel-store-account.c,
> info = camel_store_create_folder (store, NULL /* "/" */, name, &ex);
> creating folders works on both accounts (as it works with evolution,
> btw). However, I am not sure what the "right way" is neither am I sure
> whether it breaks folder creation on yet another server. Is there a
> special reason why "/" is used as parent folder instead of NULL?
> Thanks,
> Armin
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