Renaming a folder while the connection dissapears

The test was renaming a folder while the connection is broken.

I was surprised to see the "recurse copy" and "create" to still happen,
even though Tinymail has detected that we're offline at that moment.

Somebody should review the error handling in recurse_copy in
tny-camel-folder.c. Maybe, though, it's just "retries" and the debugging
line being printed very early. The end result was okay, by the way. No
folder got moved or copied. Locally nothing "too much" happened either:

pvanhoof schtrumpf:~/repos/tinymail/trunk$ ls /home/pvanhoof/.tinymail/mail/imap/
100  1000
pvanhoof schtrumpf:~/repos/tinymail/trunk$ 

I marked the lines that surprised me with "-->" 's

I added Sergio in CC because he worked with me on the implementation.

(.., ..) -> B00013 IDLE | in idle_real_start
(.., ..) <- + idling | in idle_real_start
idle_thread starting (B00013)
(6, 8) -> DONE | Sending DONE in idle_deal_with_stuff (nb)
(.., ..) -> B00014 IDLE | in idle_real_start
(.., ..) <- + idling | in idle_real_start
idle checked in idle_thread, waiting 20s for new check
tny_folder_copy: rename INBOX/100 to INBOX/100b
Sending DONE in camel_imap_store_stop_idle (no current folder?)
(21, 21) -> B00015 SELECT INBOX

TNY_DEBUG: Local test disconnected 
--> tny_folder_copy: recurse_copy
--> tny_folder_copy: create 100b
TNY_DEBUG: Local test failed connecting 
CON EVENT FOR Local test: con broken
CON EVENT FOR Local test: con broken

pvanhoof schtrumpf:~/repos/tinymail/trunk$

Philip Van Hoof, software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org

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