RE: Added a documentation section

On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 16:35 +0200, Dirk-Jan Binnema nokia com wrote:

Hey Dirk-Jan,

> Maybe we can have a table with the various protocols and servers and
> so on? Shall I make one? [ how to make a table in wiki markup ]

That's an excellent idea.

Documentation on tables can be found on the website of TRAC. I have
removed the wikihelp page because spammers targetted that page

It comes down to: |a|b|c| or something like that

Also check with Dave Cridland <dave cridland net>, he gave me an IMAP
account on a customized Cyrus for testing LEMONADE features.

Maybe we can get some accounts on their 100% LEMONADE capable IMAP
servers for test purposes?

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