Re: Packaging scripts for multiple distributions - possible solutions

On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 13:47 +0100, �stein Gisn�wrote:
> 2007/2/13, Philip Van Hoof <spam pvanhoof be>:
> > For this commit of yours I don't mind as packages are not yet in a
> > stable state anyway, and because it's mostly your work (so I assume that
> > you know better than me what you are doing, hehe).
> >
> > But once they are stable, unless you take full maintainership and
> > responsibility of packaging-related work, it would be useful to get a
> > little notification before something gets committed :-)
> I did not commit on a "I don't care about the mailing list and code
> quality" basis. It was more that I'm a bit busy right now and the
> scripts had some obvious mistakes in them so I was quite sure they
> would be better.

It's not a problem. The state of the packaging work isn't yet important.

But someday it will be important for some people (and companies) using
tinymail. But then of course will trunk always be "development", so then
still it wouldn't be really important.

> I can post to ML for before every commit if you want, though..

Well, you are allowed to continue with the packaging stuff (everything
in debian) without asking for permission, for now. But once you believe
that it has reached a certain maturity and/or people start using your
work, it might be interesting for me to keep an eye on it too.

Everything outside of debian/ however, should always first be reported
on the mailing list or in private with me (using Jabber or IRC). But
then still I'd enjoy a little explanation on the mailing list (else it
will look like as if sudden things happen to people who aren't me yet
are interested in recent developments on tinymail).

It's much more about collaboration and working together than it's, for
me at least, about control.

I also mentioned a few times that I'd be happy to giveaway maintain-
ership to somebody who would passionately do that for me ;-), as long as
I can focus myself on development.

ps. on collaboration: Some people have asked for an IRC channel. If
those people think the time is right for that, they are of course
allowed to start that channel and invite me. I would join it of course.

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