RE: Missing dependency on Maemo platform


Maybe we should discuss how we can have a libtinymail-maemo that can
support both techniques (the old 770 and the new N800 one). For example
by dlopen()-ing or by simply moving libtinymail-maemo to a
libtinymail-maemo-800 and copying it to a libtinymail-maemo-770.

I'm open for suggestions and patches for this. I don't think only
supporting one device would be the right solution ... there are many
existing 770 users, right?

On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 12:58 +0200, Dirk-Jan Binnema nokia com wrote:
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> >Is libconic available on the 770? I received a bug report that 
> >somebody can't get Tinymail running on his device anymore, due 
> >to that dependency.
> Hmmm... it might not be. I will provide a version which uses
> the 770-connectivity library at some point, but it's not at the 
> top of my  todo list right now. Note that you can make it work right now
> by just copying the older, dummy tny-maemo-device.c over the
> newer one, and removing the dep.
> And of course nobody is stopping anyone from implementing
> tny-maemo-device
> in terms of the older API:
> ectivityAPIFunctionality
> Best wishes,
> Dirk.
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