Re: trivial patch for debian/control typo

On Fri, 2006-11-24 at 10:36 +0100, �stein Gisn�wrote:

> Which brings me on to versions. Why is version 1.0.0 used in
> if it might be changed to 0.x one day? In my opinion it's
> better to fix that or stick with 1.0.0~svn.... if the versions never
> will be lowered.

The first release will be 1.0.0, as that will also be a API stable one.
I will not do 0.x.y releases, I will do 1.x.y releases in case they
don't break API nor ABI. 

Each subsequent release that does, will be called 1+n.x.y where n is > 0

> The scripts itself look fancy enough, but they don't compile with me.
> I think the problem is that ./ always has exit status 1
> which leads 'make' to back out.

Can you try to figure out how come it has this exit status?

> Thomas is right about >= typo and mozilla build-deps. Well spotted!
> Do you have a suggestion for how to split the libraries? One .so file
> in each package and a corresponding -dev? What other things did you
> miss in the -dev package?

Each libtinymailSOMETHING should be a different package with its own
-dev package.

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