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Hi Sergio, Philip, all, 

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>Philip Van Hoof wrote:
>> On Wed, 2006-11-15 at 18:36 +0100, Sergio Villar Senin wrote:
>>> What do you think about that? Will a patch with this be interesting?
>> Looking forward to your patch
>Hi all,
>find attached the patch to allow tinymail to transfer messages 
>between folders. With transfer I mean both copy and move. I've 
>also included a new functional test to check if it works fine 
>or not. The test transfers all the messages of the source 
>folder to the destination one. A typical call would be:
>msg-transfer -f 10 -t children -o -m

>I'd like people to review it. Comments? Opinions?

Great work! Some comments though:

One issue here (also with creating folders I guess) is blocking; moving
messages, creating folders etc. could take quite some time when on
remote servers, esp. when you you are not connected yet, etc.

So, I guess it would be nice to make a non-blocking version which
takes a callback as a parameter, to report status later? Assuming that
is possible on the camel level?

Then, the patch:
- I would not use g_assert there; maybe g_return_if_fail would be
- I would make a special case for src == dst, just like you make a 
  special case for list_length == 0
- iter must be unref'd I guess (in tny_camel_folder_transfer_msgs)?

That's all.

Best wishes,

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