Enhancements for the TnyGtkMsgView

The TnyGtkMsgView now has the following new properties:

void tny_gtk_msg_view_set_display_html (TnyGtkMsgView *self, gboolean setting);
void tny_gtk_msg_view_set_display_rfc822 (TnyGtkMsgView *self, gboolean setting);
void tny_gtk_msg_view_set_display_attachments (TnyGtkMsgView *self, gboolean setting);
void tny_gtk_msg_view_set_display_plain (TnyGtkMsgView *self, gboolean setting);
void tny_gtk_msg_view_set_display_one_body (TnyGtkMsgView *self, gboolean setting);

gboolean tny_gtk_msg_view_get_display_html (TnyGtkMsgView *self);
gboolean tny_gtk_msg_view_get_display_rfc822 (TnyGtkMsgView *self);
gboolean tny_gtk_msg_view_get_display_attachments (TnyGtkMsgView *self);
gboolean tny_gtk_msg_view_get_display_plain (TnyGtkMsgView *self);
gboolean tny_gtk_msg_view_get_display_one_body (TnyGtkMsgView *self);

The one-body property means that the view will only display one body (or
the html, or the plain one). If there's a non gtk-text-mime-part view
for displaying a text/html mime part, that one is used for this.

Feel free to propose a different way if you are into this... and do, DO,
take a look at the existing TnyMozEmbedMsgView stuff if you want to
implement new TnyMsgView implementations (for example for displaying
HTML and/or RTF E-mails).

Philip Van Hoof, software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org 

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