A few major changes

Mostly in the TnyGtkMsgView and the TnyMsg's get_parts API.

That API will no longer recursively walk the entire message and return
all mime parts in a flattened list.

It will only put the mime parts that are at the first level in the list.

By that I mean that message/rfc822 mime parts are no longer put in the

The TnyGtkMsgView has its first building blocks for supporting viewing
rfc822 mime parts. By that I mean that TnyGtkMsgView now implements the
TnyMimePartView interface and that now a TnyGtkMsgView can contain
another TnyGtkMsgView (a rfc822 mime part is a forwarded message, so its
parent message is a message that contains another message).

I introduced big internal changes for this, I hope people on this list
are going to triple check for reference counting problems and things
like that.

The funny part is that it doesn't yet work :), viewing rfc822 messages.

If somebody is into getting this working, feel free to assist me bla bli
bla.. (in theory what I already have, but commented, should work. In
practise it looks like the containee (data wrapper) in tny-camel-msg.c
is again the same message -- and therefore causes a recursive endless
loop in the TnyGtkMsgView view --)
I also committed a few fixes that should fix an issue on the N770, but I
still have to test this.

Philip Van Hoof, software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org 

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