Re: Demo Ui

2006/11/20, David Adam <zanchey ucc gu uwa edu au>:
Hi Philip,

On Mon, 20 Nov 2006, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> It's a network manager glib API call that determines this, not tinymail.
> So it can't be a bug in Tinymail (nor does tinymail print all this, the
> printing is done by the library itself).
> Tinymail will default to offline status in case the API said that the
> network manager installation is invalid. On the demo ui there's a button
> which makes it possible to force the online status manually.

Could you explain the rationale behind this? There's plenty of systems
which don't or won't have NetworkManager installed, though I realise this
is only a demonstration UI.

Evolution has the same behaviour. The problem is dbus being a bit too
noisy about services being called when they are not installed.
tinymail tries to connect to the NetworkManager service, but backs out
when it discovers that it's not there. By then, the error message has
already been printed.

You'll only get this error (which should have been a warning or
notice) if tinymail (or evolution) is compiled with network-manager
support, but network-manager is not running.

/* Øystein Gisnås */

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