Re: make distcheck and minor Makefile discrepancies

2006/11/12, Philip Van Hoof <spam pvanhoof be>:
On Sun, 2006-11-12 at 12:22 +0100, Øystein Gisnås wrote:

> I was referring to the COPYING in libtinymail-camel.

Aha, I see. Well. the thingy here is, is that camel-lite is a fork of
evolution-data-server's Camel. Because both e-d-s and tinymail have the
same license, I simply decided to refer (in text) to the top-level

Which, as far as I know (unless tinymail's license would change, which
isn't going to happen), is correct in a legal way.

In my opinion shouldn't autotools try to touch that file ever. Just,
never. It has nothing to do with whatever license I'll use, so its
developers shouldn't even think about putting in scripts that touch my
license files.

By that I mean that it's clearly an autotools bug :(. I wonder how I can
tell autotools not to consider whatever I've put in the COPYING file.

In my opinion, you should leave the full license of
evolution-data-server instead of your reference. In case of a change
of tinymail's license (must be to something GPL-compatible) and it
still distributes camel, the full, pristine license of camel must be

This is no excuse for automake to modify licenses without warning. It
seems like this was fixed 2003-11-09
(, but it
probably didn't make it for version 1.7.

> > About the other problem, you need to --enable-gkt-doc followed by a
> > normal make before doing make distcheck, and then it works.
> >
> > The normal make is to make that missing xml file.
> Have you tried this yourself recently? I haven't completed the whole
> run yet, but I at least have to run with:
> ./ --enable-gtk-doc --with-html-component=mozembed
> --enable-tests --enable-python-bindings
> I also end up having gcc complain during 'make'. It can't resolve
> TnyCamelFolder in libtinymail-camel/tny-camel-nntp-folder.h and
> TnyCamelStoreAccount in
> libtinymail-camel/tny-camel-nntp-store-account.h. Adding #includes as
> shown in the patch (attached) works for me.

You forgot to attach this patch :).

> It looks like for example libtinymail-camel/tny-camel-imap-folder.h
> works in a similar way without this #include, so I suspect something
> else is wrong. Ideas anyone?

Your patch is probably correct, but it's not in attachment :)

The attachment-gnome hijacked it somewhere on the way (probably in
sweden), but it made it to the mailing list ;)

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