Re: [tasque-list] Patches that need testing/review

Update: Four more patches committed yesterday, very quickly after
Steve and Johnny Jacob left comments.  Here are all six since the

Flags for enabling groups of backends, default to standard group (#567947)
tr_TR->tr in LINGUAS to fix make distcheck
Mark strings for translation (Petr Pulc and Johnny Jacob, #572074)
Highlight overdue tasks red, and tasks due today blue (#563748)
Clear "New Task..." text in inputfield on drag and drop (#566052)
Add ability to change category via context menu (bug #534749)
Initial implementation of tooltip for the tray icon (bug #532915)

I won't keep sending these updates, don't worry, I just am letting you
guys know that if you try them, they will be pushed.


On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 4:35 PM, Sandy Armstrong
<sanfordarmstrong gmail com> wrote:
> Update: Two patches committed today, within about one hour of Steve
> commenting that the patches worked for him.
> We can do this! :-)
> Sandy
> On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 3:13 PM, Sandy Armstrong
> <sanfordarmstrong gmail com> wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> As you can tell, there has not been much active development on Tasque
>> for the last few months.  Generally I'm not too concerned about this,
>> but what does suck is that there are quite a few patches sitting in
>> bugzilla that need to be reviewed and tested, and I know that
>> personally I just don't have time to do this right now.
>> So, let's make a deal: if you will try out a patch from a confirmed
>> bug and leave a comment indicating that it works for you when applied
>> to the latest version of Tasque from git, I will push it to git.  If
>> it doesn't work, or the patch doesn't apply, please leave a comment
>> about that, too! :-)
>> Here is the URL for the Tasque patch report:
>> The other part of the promise is that once all of these patches have
>> been tried out, I'll do a release so we can get the new fixes/features
>> out to users.
>> Thanks for your help,
>> Sandy

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