[tasque-list] Patches that need testing/review

Hey folks,

As you can tell, there has not been much active development on Tasque
for the last few months.  Generally I'm not too concerned about this,
but what does suck is that there are quite a few patches sitting in
bugzilla that need to be reviewed and tested, and I know that
personally I just don't have time to do this right now.

So, let's make a deal: if you will try out a patch from a confirmed
bug and leave a comment indicating that it works for you when applied
to the latest version of Tasque from git, I will push it to git.  If
it doesn't work, or the patch doesn't apply, please leave a comment
about that, too! :-)

Here is the URL for the Tasque patch report:


The other part of the promise is that once all of these patches have
been tried out, I'll do a release so we can get the new fixes/features
out to users.

Thanks for your help,

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