[tasque-list] Problems connecting to RTM


I am packaging Tasque for Fedora and we seem to have developed a problem connecting to RTM with version 0.1.8 (0.1.7 still works).  If I am not connected and click the "Click Here to Connect" link, Tasque just hangs.  Running with --debug gives the following output:

[dkaylor localhost ~]$ tasque --debug
** Running Mono with --debug    **
[Debug]: Tasque remote control active.
[Debug]: Backend specified: --debug
[Debug]: Found Available Backend: Tasque.Backends.RtmBackend.RtmBackend
[Debug]: Found Available Backend: Tasque.Backends.Sqlite.SqliteBackend
[Debug]: Tasque.exe location:  /usr/lib64/tasque/Tasque.exe
[Info]: Searching for Backend DLLs in: /usr/lib64/tasque
[Info]:     Reading /usr/lib64/tasque/RtmNet.dll
[Debug]: Storing 'Tasque.Backends.RtmBackend.RtmBackend' = 'Remember the Milk'
[Debug]: Storing 'Tasque.Backends.Sqlite.SqliteBackend' = 'Local File'
[Debug]: CurrentBackend specified in Preferences:
[Info]: OnPreferences called
[Debug]: Loading preferences
[Debug]: Called Preferences Init
[Info]: Using backend: Remember the Milk (Tasque.Backends.RtmBackend.RtmBackend)
[Debug]: ThreadState: Unstarted
[Debug]: Backend sync finished
[Warn]: Cannot set status when taskWindow is null
[Debug]: Configuration status: False
[Debug]: Rtm: Not authorized
[Debug]: Backend sync finished
[Debug]: ThreadState: Stopped
[Debug]: Backend sync finished
[Debug]: ThreadState: AbortRequested
[Debug]: Backend sync finished
[Debug]: ThreadState: WaitSleepJoin, AbortRequested
[Debug]: Backend sync finished

Do you have any suggestions as to how I could further debug this?


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