Re: [tasque-list] Cannot edit task with no name

Sandy Armstrong wrote:
Hmm, I can't seem to get myself in a situation like that. What version of Tasque are you using? The latest, 0.1.8, could possibly fix that.

What happens when you try to delete or edit it? Can you start Tasque from the command line with "tasque --debug", try editing and deleting this empty task, and then copy the command line output in your next email?
Sorry for the delay in response after you responded so quickly. I am currently running 0.1.8. But I "created" the problem with 0.1.7 (I think)

It has become a challenging problem to diagnose. When I used "tasque --debug", the entry went away. I thought this was permanent but the entry came back two days ago. Again the entry went away with "tasque --debug". I suspect that the "--debug" wasn't the reason that it went away but just restarting tasque did.

I will now monitor the tasks more carefully to identify when it comes and goes and will look in .tasque.log .

I will report back to the list when I have something more definitive.

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