Re: [tasque-list] Authenticated Proxy

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 3:24 PM, Andy Pastuszak<apastuszak gmail com> wrote:
> Is there anyone working on this app on a regular basis?  I know it was
> started at Novell's hackweek, but having something like this in Gnome would
> make the desktop all that much more productive.

Nobody works on Tasque on a regular basis.  Brian Merrell and I are
the current maintainers, but neither of us have had much time for
Tasque lately, sadly. I don't think I've worked on Tasque in over six
months.  There are two or three patches pending review in bugzilla,
and an experimental offline caching branch in git, but otherwise not a
lot of activity lately.  Some motivated developers with a bit of free
time could easily turn this trend around.


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