Re: [tasque-list] Date format in Tasque

Hi guys

Thanks for the quick answer.

 Andrew Conkling wrote:
> In general, GNOME apps should respect your system's locale settings;
> what are yours? (More info here if necessary:
> or let me know if
> you have questions.)
> In my experience, Mono sucks with localization though, so even the
> correct locale settings may not help. Let's start with yours though.

I'm afraid I have opened a bag of worms, because I'm certainly not an
locale-eagle ;-) and I'll have to do some studying.

The command 'locale -a' gives:

bent yosie ~ $ locale -a
bent yosie ~ $

so I guess I'm using the C locale. What I want is an English speaking
machine which uses Danish date and currency formats.

It would probably be easier if I chose a Danish speaking machine as
well, but I have used English as a working language on PC since I
worked in California for a couple of years many years back. I also
find that many translations to Danish  suck because not many Danes
know their own language these days. Well, the latter is complete off
topic. Sorry about that.


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