Re: [tasque-list] Date format in Tasque

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 3:38 PM, Bent <bbagger gmail com> wrote:
I live in Europe, so the default date format used by Tasque (the
American way: 9/11 is 11th of September and not 9th of November as I
would read it) is confusing for me.

I have tried to find Tasque in gconfig in order to change the date
format to the European way (dd-mm-yyyy) but Tasque was not in the list
of applications known by gconfig..

Please advise on how to change the date format.

In general, GNOME apps should respect your system's locale settings; what are yours? (More info here if necessary: or let me know if you have questions.)

In my experience, Mono sucks with localization though, so even the correct locale settings may not help. Let's start with yours though. :)

Andrew Conkling

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