Re: [tasque-list] New and recent remember the milk tasks not showing up

On 11/23/2008 08:24 AM, Sandy Armstrong wrote:
Onur Yirmibesoglu wrote:
However this doesn't address the issue, and there is still some cap
to the amount of data transfer possible at one sync. I don't thing it
is a network problem, it looks like more of an API issue to me.

Unfortunately, from what I can tell, we are being throttled back for
overuse of the API.  I don't know if we have some users with tons of
tasks and a really high update frequency, or just a lot of regular
users, or what.  I'm basing my theory off of this thread from the RTM
developer list:

As a test, I tried changing the URL we use from
"" to "", and Tasque
started working again.  Unfortunately we can't ship a change like that.

We need to do some investigation to figure out if what we can do, either
by calling different API method or by talking to the RTM guys.  Oh, and
the API docs say to keep requests to an average of 1 per second.  :-/
I'm looking at it right now...

Sorry folks for the long delay fixing this. I just committed the last fix for this problem, so Tasque from SVN should be working now. I'll be rolling a 0.1.8 release very soon.

I did not implement any of the recommended optimizations yet, but I still think they are a good idea and would accept patches in that area. All I did was fix the API URL and limit our requests to no more than 1 per second. There is a slight delay in refreshing and creating RTM tasks now; hopefully it is not enough to impact your workflow!

Please let me know if you are still experiencing this problem even with the fix.


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