Re: [tasque-list] New and recent remember the milk tasks not showing up

Dear all,

I have tried the suggestion from John A. Lewis to pass the status:incomplete filter so as to only retrieve the incomplete tasks and lighten the load on the api.
With this method the completed tasks will not show in Tasque.

This is actually working for me, my incomplete tasks are now loaded. I would like to know if you are interested in a patch submission.

Of course this is not a complete solution, but more of a temporary patch while we wait for future versions (I am really looking forward to the implementation of Peter's suggestion!).

Since this is not a real solution but rather a small workaround, I would like to know if you think it should be submitted in some other form, as it does not completely solve the bug.

The modifications to the code are really small (just one line actually), so I also report them here to let other interested people try them:

In the file RtmNet/Rtm.cs from todays svn trunk (followed instructions from here:
right after line 556 ( parameters.Add("list_id", listID); )
add the following line:

parameters.Add("filter", "status:incomplete");



On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 5:08 PM, Peter Thomas <peter the-thomases us> wrote:
John A. Lewis' ideas are very good. The suggestion I have builds on
John's ideas relates to bugs 538861 and 527204
( and respectively) and also
solves the problem of the large response on first call at startup. If
the task list were stored in a local sqlite db, you could then make a
request on startup with John's suggestion of rtm.tasks.getList with the
"last_sync" argument to grab only the changes from the last time the
local sqlite db was updated. The sync time would be stored in the sqlite
db. I think this would sufficiently solve the problem having a huge
response every time Tasque starts.


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