Re: [system-tools] Debuging g-s-t

Forgot something else - for the record most of the GST tools don't change the
system until the OK button is pressed - I think network "Activate/Deactivate" is
the only exception. So even if you create a user in the UI, and see it listed,
it doesn't exist on the system until you click on the "OK" button on the main
dialog, which results in the backends "set" directive being called.


Ken VanDine wrote:
> How can I get useful debugging information?  I am running
> system-tools-backends 1.9.3 and gnome-system-tools 2.15.2 on Foresight
> Linux.  I have patched it as a supported platform.  The network tool
> seems to work fine, however the users-admin tool doesn't work.  I can
> add a user and it gets displayed in the interface.  However, the account
> isn't actually created.  
> How can I get useful debugging information to find out where the problem
> is?
> Thanks,
> --Ken
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