Re: [system-tools] Debuging g-s-t

Hi Ken,

If you look in /var/cache/setup-tools-backends/ you should see lots of files
that should help.

Specifically look at the debug/<tool>/1/debug file contents - each time you
execute the *-admin script the backend is run with the --report and --debug
options (hint, you can also do this if you run the backend script from the
command-line yourself). The dir named "1" is rotated, so becomes 2 the next time
you run *-admin, and so on.

Also in this debug directory is a file called in.xml - this is the xml that was
sent to the backend script from the UI - with some minor edits, this file can be
used as input to the *-conf scripts so that you can test things in isolation
from the UI. e.g (in the setup-tools-backends build dir, as root)

	./ --report --debug --set < edited_in.xml

You can quite often get enough information without the --debug option.
The running of the .in file is a special case, since all other backend "modules"
(e.g. will be loaded from the current directory... Useful for
debug/test cycles without having to install.



Ken VanDine wrote:
> How can I get useful debugging information?  I am running
> system-tools-backends 1.9.3 and gnome-system-tools 2.15.2 on Foresight
> Linux.  I have patched it as a supported platform.  The network tool
> seems to work fine, however the users-admin tool doesn't work.  I can
> add a user and it gets displayed in the interface.  However, the account
> isn't actually created.  
> How can I get useful debugging information to find out where the problem
> is?
> Thanks,
> --Ken
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