[Setup-tool-hackers] GST latest news

	Hi all,

	Trying to get used to send more mails to setup-tools-hackers, I'll just
let you know what's happening recently in GST :-)

	- Carlos García Campos, a good pal at university and a great developer
too, has decided to colaborate with the bug #98953, it was related with
a dialog for the most usual "append" options, you can find some
screenshots at [1]. Thanks Carlos :-)

	- Martin Lundberg has contributed helping to add redhat 8.0 in the
supported distro table and making the distro table itself in php for the
project webpage, you can see it at [2]. Thanks Martin (and sorry for the
delay with distros.php :-))

	- I have been re-enabling user profiles and HIG-ifying the whole users
tool. you can see screenshots at [3].

	- I've been reading the apple admin guides that Juantomas sent some
time ago, It contains lots of screenshots of their tools, with this and
the HIG, I hope to make the prettiest system tools made ever! :-D

	Well, at the moment it's all I can tell, I'm still working in the
"roadmap", are there any opinions, suggestions, ...? :-)


[1] http://www.ultimaorbita.com/~garnacho/gst/boot/
[2] http://www.gnome.org/projects/gst/distros.php
[3] http://www.ultimaorbita.com/~garnacho/gst/users/

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