Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] Stop the spam, please!!

hi baptiste,

El dom, 12-01-2003 a las 15:04, Baptiste Mille-Mathias escribió:
> Hello everybody.
> Moderator, Is it possible to stop the spam, please, is quite ennoying.

there aren't still lots of spam, it could be worst :-D

> thanks.
> It seems the list is dead,  there is no news for GST, only spamming?

sorry for not sending many mails :-(, but the proyect is still alive! if
you don't believe me look at the changelogs in or at the
resolved GST bugs in bugzilla :-). but here and now, I promise to send
e-mails with everything regarding to GST!! I hope that many people could
do the same :-).

At the moment I'm trying to make a roadmap (or something similar), I'll
mail this in a few days to let you know of its existence (I expect


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