Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] Moving the tools forward.

Hi, Miguel!

>    I am personally a believer that Gnome should address the system tools
> issue, and not leave this up to the distribution.  That is the only way

me, too.

>    I know that Ximian is interested in shipping the GSTs for as many
> systems as possible to provide the same interactions across systems, but
> the more traction that we can get from the distributions, the better.
> And I think of Debian as a natural ally for this technology.

I was very sad, when I heared that the tools were dropped by Ximian (and
removed from the "Projects" on the Ximian Homepage).
Why does Ximian not support them full time, now?

I think Ximian should integrate them in their desktop, and the GST should
provide support for all the Ximian supported distributions.


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