[Setup-tool-hackers] Moving the tools forward.

Hey guys,

   I am personally a believer that Gnome should address the system tools
issue, and not leave this up to the distribution.  That is the only way
we can hope to achieve some kind of unified standard.  Configuration
tools are part of the day to day use of a computer.  And this is the
only way we can hope for Gnome to standarize the user experience across
Unix systems.

   Anyways, distributions have created their own administration tools:
Red Hat and Mandrake both have build Gtk-based sysadmin tools, and it
might be worth integrating the best ideas of those into the GSTs.

   I think it would be great to engage the Debian community for three

	* Their strong server focus.

	* Their strong community

	* Their lack of GUI configuration tools.

   Debian is a great choice, because we have done some of the UI heavy
lifting, and what we need now, is to help them address their most
important needs.

   I know that Ximian is interested in shipping the GSTs for as many
systems as possible to provide the same interactions across systems, but
the more traction that we can get from the distributions, the better. 
And I think of Debian as a natural ally for this technology.

best wishes,

setup-tool-hackers maillist  -  setup-tool-hackers@ximian.com

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