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I have to agree with Miguel -- it is a tad complicated. Here is what
Miguel and I were thinking for the location management:

When the user creates a new location, by default all of the tools
inherit all of their configuration from the location's parent (e.g., you
create Boston Home, whose parent is Boston, and by default everything is
set up the way Boston indicates). On the control center, the tools whose
backends are not covered by the current location are translucent. There
is some simple mechanism for bringing them under the control of the
current location, e.g. simply changing one setting in a given tool. The
tools that are under the control of the current location are opaque.

Note that, should the user not elect to use location management, all of
the tools will appear opaque, since the initial default location covers
all backends.

This, however, might require more work than can be completed in the time
we have. We will probably not implement this until we release the next

Otherwise, recall that the locations organized hierarchically, so a tree
(ETable?) interface would be most appropriate. If that is too confusing
for novice users, they need not make use of the inheritance features.

I like the idea of having two levels GUI for restoration: one that just
says "Give me what I had x days ago" and one that allows the user to
view the changes that have been made in detail, ala the proposal by the
esteemed Mr. Joakim Ziegler. To simplify the interface for the former
case, it might be best if the user could click some per-control button
to bring up a rollback dialog that allows rolling back a given tool. A
global dialog could be used to roll back the entire system's
configuration all at once. To roll back multiple tools simultaneously or
do anything else more complex, one should opt for the second interface.

On 05 Jan 2001 12:29:58 -0500, Anna Dirks wrote:
> Hello hackers,
> So, I've been working on the archiver's gui. 
> Could you look at my current mockup and tell me what you think? 
> It is at:
> Also, I have a question for you about the UI-Guidelines' no-menus
> rule.... I understand why 
> none of the other tools have menus, but I think that having menus in
> this
> metatool would simplify the gui a lot. Thoughts? I used menus in my
> mockup,
> but will promptly take them out if they are deemed unuseful. 
> yours, 
> Anna
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