Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] SU mechanism

Hans Petter Jansson <> writes:

> I think it's time to integrate the new become-rewt mechanism. Jacob, did you
> mention having made one? Would be nice to have in the src/common/ libs or
> somewhere.

It's in the HEAD branch of the control-center in the root-manager/
subdirectory.  It works, although it needs a couple of things:

1.  Password dialog needs to be redone a bit
2.  Remove debugging output
3.  Some code I removed which checks for things in
    /etc/security/console.apps, and requires some variable like
    "SETUP_TOOL" to be set.

The $prefix/sbin/root-manager binary is not installed setuid yet, so
you need to do this manually.

Let me know if you have any questions.

"Beware of bugs in the above code;  I have only 
 proved it correct, not tried it." -- D. Knuth

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