Re: No useful callgraphs on Fedora 27

Hi Christian,

Thanks for the almost immediate reply.

Any ideas what could be wrong with my system?

Other systematic issues include Fedora's GCC defaulting to
-fomit-frame-pointer. We use the kernel's perf feature to get callstacks
and perf can't do user-space callstack unwinding. So installing the
debuginfo package isn't exactly helpful (useful to gdb, but to perf not
so much).

Isn't -fomit-framepointer the default for amd64 ABI?
If possible I would like to avoid building my system from ground up
(mesa, Xorg, pixman, ...), is there any distribution you could
For now I've tried Fedora27 amd64, OpenSuse amd64, OpenSuse i586.

Thanks and best regards, Clemens

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