[Snowy] Lighttpd Wiki Page

Thanks to Sandy and Jeff I was able to write a wiki page on using snowy with lighttpd + fastcgi.


Essentially you create a fastcgi socket file using ./manage.py and then you configure fastcgi in lighttpd to connect to the socket file.

Some bumps and abnormalities:
*Add FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME = '' to local_settings.py. Otherwise, urls will be written as http://snowy.example.net/snowy.fcgi/blah instead of http://snowy.example.net/blah *An environmental variable is not set correctly (pwd?) resulting in ./data/note2xhtml.xsl being non-existent. Sandy and Jeff were able to help me track this down and the following patch resulted: http://armstrong-clan.net/dump/0001-Use-absolute-path-to-XSL.patch

All in all, setting up snowy with lighttpd isn't to difficult.

I encourage all of you to give it a try and improve the article!


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