[Snowy] Snowy Hackfest Proposal (Take 2)

Hi all,

Thank you for your feedback and interest in having a hackfest on Snowy.
With the Boston Summit in November, I've targeted October for the
hackfest for those of us who may be going to both.

Here is my proposal.  I'd like feedback from the team so I can forward
this to the Board and Travel Committee.  Flight costs are based on Kayak
as of today, which is what the Travel Committee uses.  I'm assuming
we'll be sharing rooms at a cost of $125 for 3 nights.  My last
assumption is Sander would leave Amsterdam for Boston on Thursday to
account for travel time and jet lag, and I've added a hotel night for
that too.  Attendees are expected to cover their own food costs.

As far as the venue, based on the current attendance, I think we may
have three options, and this is where I need Brad's help.  Brad
mentioned possibly having a venue at his place of work or his home, but
with the smaller group we may be able to get a suite at the hotel and do
it there too if that doesn't work. 

Please share your feedback as soon as possible so we can forward this



Snowy Hackfest Proposal:

When:  October 22nd - October 24th

Where: Boston, MA

Who can come / Flight Cost:

Sandy Armstrong  $300
Paul Cutler $250
Sander Dijkhuis $600
Jeff Fortin $550
Jeff Schroeder $300
Brad Taylor $0

Total Airfare:  $2000
Total Hotel:  $1250

Total Hackfest Cost (as of Sept 2nd): $3125

Hackfest goals: 

• Mobile client for accessing and syncing notes
• Implement UI / Design via CSS / template
• Implement a text editor
• Implement note sharing between users via the web interface

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