Re: [Snowy] Snowy Hackfest Proposal

On Tue, 2010-08-31 at 15:09 -0700, Sandy Armstrong wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 4:38 AM, Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> wrote:
> > On Thu, 2010-08-26 at 08:49 +0100, Stuart Langridge wrote:
> >> On Wed, 2010-08-25 at 15:20 -0700, Sandy Armstrong wrote:
> >> > I believe the main issue Brad ran into is that every browser's
> >> > content-editable generates different HTML, making reliable transforms
> >> > to Tomboy note XML challenging.  And popular mobile browsers like the
> >> > iPhone (at the time, at least) didn't even support content-editable,
> >> > making in-browser editing less useful of a feature.
> >> >
> >> > It could be that existing JS editors have more reliable HTML output
> >> > than content-editable via funcooker, but I really have no idea.
> >>
> >> Just as a data point, we've been through that hell in Ubuntu One. It
> >> ain't easy, and I'm still not sure that we're totally out of it...
> >>
> > we are not indeed, just that we have several hacks to parse correctly
> > the output our JS editor does.
> Is the server side of this, the JS editor, or a combination of both
> something that would be worth open-sourcing and collaborating on?  It
> would be awesome to get this "for free" from our friends at Canonical.
> ;-)
it's the server side, yes, so not sure about having it public, but I can
ask. The editor we use is the one in YUI (Yahoo HTML library), and the
code to convert XML<->HTML is well isolated from the rest, so it
shouldn't be hard, if the managers allow us to make it public. But I
can't promise anything, I'll ask and let you know.

> If not, I expect we'll follow the same approach of using lxml, etc.
yes, don't use BeautifulSoup, it is completely broken. lxml at least

> > Although I investigated a little bit, and there seems to be a couple
> > that output correct xhtml:
> >
> > is one of them, although I haven't really
> > tried for the Tomboy's XML<->HTML conversion, but I think it might be
> > worth a try
> Cool, we should probably make a wiki page comparing the many and
> varied JS editors out there.
I had a look at a few others, whose names I don't remember anymore, but
myeditor was, in theory, the best one. So yeah, maybe you can have a
look at others and compare

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