[Snowy] ANNOUNCE: Snowy 0.5 "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel" Released

Dear friends,

I'm very happy to announce Snowy 0.5 "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel",
a minor bugfix update, meant to correspond with GNOME 2.91.1.  The
Tomboy Online alpha has been updated with this latest release, and the
next wave of invites has been mailed out.

Still, this is alpha quality software.  As the Tomboy Online alpha
continues, we hope to be able to make sweeping statements about its
stability and security, but until then, do not trust it with your
fancy notes without a backup.  ;-)

Tomboy Online invites are being emailed out in phases to everyone who
fills out this survey:


For the uninitiated, Snowy is a web-based viewer for your Tomboy
notes.  It's written in Python using the Django web framework, and is
licensed under the AGPL.

Tomboy Online is a deployment of the Snowy software on GNOME servers,
intended to provide free note sync and online note access to all
Tomboy users.

Please check out our website here:

You can download the latest release here:

This cycle is shaping up to be very exciting as we work toward our
goal of releasing Snowy 1.0 and the Tomboy Online public beta in time
for GNOME 3.0.  Expect some awesome to be dropping in git, especially
around the time of the Snowy Hackfest (overlapping Boston Summit) in

Version 0.5 "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel"
* Don't crash if MODERATE_NEW_USERS not set
* Enforce storage of UTC dates in database

Contributors to this release include:

Leon Handreke, Sandy Armstrong

You can see where we're planning on going by checking out our bug list:

All help is welcome!  We'd especially appreciate help from web
designers to improve our templates.  Feel free to post your ideas or
comment on others' at http://live.gnome.org/Snowy/DesignerPlayground .

Please join us on snowy-list, or in #snowy on GIMPNet, and we'll help
you get all set up.

Thanks for your support,

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