Re: [Snowy] OAuth in Snowy

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 6:35 AM, Stuart
Langridge<stuart langridge canonical com> wrote:
> Sandy Armstrong wrote:
>> Ah, I see, thanks!  After adding this, I saw the page, checked the
>> "authorize access" checkbox, and clicked the "submit query" button,
>> but then I received another django error: "'Settings' object has no
>> attribute 'OAUTH_CALLBACK_VIEW'".  I'm not sure which function to set
>> this value to.
> I haven't set a callback function because I don't know where it should
> call back to in Tomboy.
> In my testing, I explicitly supplied a callback function in the URL,
> which explains why I didn't hit this error; if you don't supply one,
> then it uses the default one, which is (supposed to be) defined in
> settings. I suggest setting OAUTH_CALLBACK_VIEW in settings to be
> snowy.views.oauth_callback and define that view to render a template
> which says "you have successfully OAuthed; now go back to Tomboy and
> press the 'I have done it' button".
> (There's the potential to have the callback function actually be a URL
> which gets passed to Tomboy on the desktop, by having Tomboy open a
> local webserver temporarily, but (a) that's stage 2, probably, and (b)
> you'd be explicitly passing a callback URL then anyway so it won't use
> the default.)

Okay, this makes sense.  Will try to get back to this tonight after work.


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