Re: [Shotwell] Development environment setup or "How to build shotwell from source?"

Hi Jens,

good morning (from Japan)

On Sun, 15 Mar 2020, Jens Georg wrote:
The pure detection is a bit weird. Sometimes it works perfect on the
same image it doesn't work on at all the day before. I have not yet
found out why that should be.

Ok, yes this is what I see, too. Sometimes it is like a spot in the snow
that is recognized as face.

For the recognition to work, you need to download the two extra files

I now got the 3 files from the flatpak manifest:

Sorry, I forgot in which folder they go. I think
~/.local/share/shotwell. That should also improve the detection itself

Could these files be located also in /usr/local/share/shotwell and be



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