Re: [Shotwell] Option to KEEP duplicates?

Is there some way to keep the duplicates?  I am totally okay with
duplicates in the event list at import, as I will get around to 
creating/modifying events on my own.  During import, the events are
dates anyway, which do not necessarily correlate with any particular 
event, or may contain multiple real events under a single date

Only by compiling with the option you tried.

Or alternately, how can I compile the code to honor the 
"disable-dupe-detection" and #if !NO_DUPE_DETECTION directives? I've 
tried, but it either ignores me or refuses to compile, flagging an
about my source not matching the original .tar.xz.  The executable
I end up with still detects/rejects duplicates.

That is a question you should check with your distribution, I suspect

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