[Shotwell] Option to KEEP duplicates?

I started out NOT using a photo manager, and just put all my photos under folders with relevant names - "Dinner with Boss", "Trip to Durrow", etc.  But as time went by, things got moved around, copied, renamed, etc, so I have a lot of duplicates.   Now I want to use an actual photo manager, and am trying Shotwell. But when I import, the duplicates get left unimported, and hence do not appear in the folder list where I expect to see them.   I guess whatever Shotwell gets to first, gets priority. Regardless, this is EXTREMELY inconvenient, as the folder list is my absolute starting reference point for what is what.

Is there some way to keep the duplicates?  I am totally okay with having duplicates in the event list at import, as I will get around to creating/modifying events on my own.  During import, the events are just dates anyway, which do not necessarily correlate with any particular event, or may contain multiple real events under a single date "event".

Or alternately, how can I compile the code to honor the "disable-dupe-detection" and #if !NO_DUPE_DETECTION directives? I've tried, but it either ignores me or refuses to compile, flagging an error about my source not matching the original .tar.xz.  The executable that I end up with still detects/rejects duplicates.



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