[Shotwell] shotwell-site-generator v0.9 released

I announced back in May a new project that generates a static
mobile-friendly HTML site based on the contents of a Shotwell library:


The media is available through different views: all media over time,
all events over time, year view, nested tag view, and advanced search.
Composite thumbnails of the events, years, and tags are generated using
Imagemagick with the highest-rated media used as the input images. The
generated site is fully self contained and does not require Internet
access or any third-party resources for the long-term preservation of
the library.

Changes since my last release announcement:

- There's now a search page that closely resembles the Saved Search
  feature in Shotwell. This is dynamically rendered client side in the
  user's browser and gets the media metadata from a generated JSON file.
- Added support for a screensaver / photo slideshow. The site describes
  how I set a photo frame powered by a Raspberry Pi that's fed by my
  Shotwell library.
- The composite thumbnails now take a wider variety of photos into
- Fixed errors if the VideoTable or BackingPhotoTable does not exist.
- New play, raw, and panorama overlay icons.
- Various small cleanups to the rendered site.
- Added some screenshots to the GitHub page.


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