Re: [Shotwell] Geo tags support for 0.30.1?

Jens Georg <mail jensge org> writes:

 | Am 2019-01-28 17:27, schrieb Ulf Rehmann:
Hi, I am still using version 0.23.2 because I did compile it with geo
tags support, which still works smoothly.

What is the state of geo tags support with the recent version 0.30.1?

Can it still be upgraded? If so, how?

 | Do you mean the map support?

Yes. What I have uses map support from OSM.

 |                                I have forgotten to rebase the branch 
 | again, but it did work against a 0.29 development release.
 | I can rebase that to work on top of 0.30 later today.

That would be great!!

 | (

Thanks for your quick replay, Jens!

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