Re: [Shotwell] Crash on start up

L 13597 2018-05-31 16:29:14 [CRT] Plugins.vala:418: Not loading
module /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/shotwell/plugins/builtin/shotwell- (SPIT 0): module with name
"org.yorba.shotwell.publishing.extras" already loaded

** (shotwell:13597): ERROR **: DatabaseTable.vala:110: create
table: [5] database is locked

If this isn't a known issue, could someone tell me how to turn on
logging (or where to look) for additional info? Using sqlite3 to
examine it, the database looks ok?

There is a nasty bug thing that Shotwell sometimes keeps on running in
the background accidentally while it is generating thumbnails - maybe
that's the case here? Did you have a mass import, exited and then re-

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