Re: [Shotwell] Change suggestion: Remove extended info window


I feel that the extended information window is a bit... hm... annoying
and I would like to have some more control of the regular info window.

Agree. It also doesn't work very well if information exceeds the current window size

  1. Add a little context menu (accessed by e.g. an arrow button)
where you can select and de-select which information you would like to
see in the info pane.

That could also be a context menu or a GtkPopover

  2. Move all information from the extended window to this new layout.

  3. Remove the current extended info window.

The regular info window will of course have to resize itself based on content.

That I find tricky. If you have very long titles/comments/ etc. it could easily make
the side-bar expand too much.

One argument to keep the current extended info window is that it is
quick to enable / disable (ctrl-shift-x). A remedy for that could be
to have a shortcut to show the config menu (ctrl-shift-x ? :-p ) and
then shortcuts for toggling different fields. Hence toggling Comments
would be Ctrl-Shift-x, c.

If you find a way to have those command-like interface shortcuts. Probably worth checking christian hergert's utility library he did for builder (forgot the name, sorry)

I have tried to make a small sketch of it, attached to this mail. Does
this sound good?

If yes, then I think I will try working on that.

Sounds interesting. We might need a round or two for the visual design etc.

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