Re: [Shotwell] Getting started working on Shotwell


So, first question: What is your set up when you work? What IDE do you
use? How do you find it easiest to debug Vala code?

Debugging Vala is a bit, well, suboptimal. It is really helpful to have the generated C code at hand and mainly use gdb for that. I usually use VIM for
coding, but Shotwell might work quite well in gnome-builder.

2nd question: I got the attached message from Glade when trying to
open UI files; that my Glade (from Ubuntu 17.04) only supports GTK 3,
while Shotwell UI files are aimed at GTK 2. Is there any efforts at
the moment to migrate to GTK 3? Or should I get another version of
Glade installed?

That looks like you have a very old version of Shotwell. Shotwell has
been Gtk3 for ages. Shotwell master branch should even require Gtk+3.0 >= 3.18

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