[Shotwell] Getting started working on Shotwell

Hi there,

I have been using Shotwell for some years and it has been my go-to application for photo library management and basic editing. Thank you for all your work.

But I also found a few things missing in Shotwell, and since I now may actually get a little bit of time to throw in, I thought it would be fun to make this myself.

Two words about my background: In my work life I have been working as a software developer and architect for the last 7 years. I have mainly been working with Delphi, C#, and C++ on Windows. In my private life I have been using Linux for 15 years and made a few (mostly command line) programs in C++. What I am trying to say; I do have some experience in software development, but not with the GTK environment.

So, first question: What is your set up when you work? What IDE do you use? How do you find it easiest to debug Vala code?

2nd question: I got the attached message from Glade when trying to open UI files; that my Glade (from Ubuntu 17.04) only supports GTK 3, while Shotwell UI files are aimed at GTK 2. Is there any efforts at the moment to migrate to GTK 3? Or should I get another version of Glade installed?

Jørn Christensen

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