Re: [Shotwell] Problem with RAW+JPEG images


The photos were made around 13 hours (11 UTC). I can check the exif
on JPG (and it is correct on one of the failed photos), but I don't
how to see the timestamp on the NEF for verification.

try the exiv2 commandline tool. that should be able to read it.

Is there any method to force shotwell to accept a pair of JPG and NEF
the same photo, after the bad import?

If there isn't, could you add it? Even as an external CLI tool.

Might be doable, since it is (as far as I see it) just an entry in the

This is a failure that happens almost on every import from the
camera. I
can live with the crashes, but unpaired photos are a real nuisance.

I would be interested in the crashes as well, though.

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