Re: [Shotwell] Improvement suggestions

Now that I am somewhat experienced with Shotwell, I would like to
make the following positive suggestions regarding the picture editing

--    It should be possible to shrink the size of pictures below
their original sizes.  As you know, one can increase the size of
pictures, but not go in the other direction.  

Not sure what you mean here. Can you describe the exact steps you are

--    Changing the size of pictures should be permanent.  Maybe I am
doing something wrong (very possible!), but pictures revert to their
original sizes when saved.  I mostly play with paintings, photos, and
drawings on Pinterest.

How are you saving the image? All operations are lossless until
explicitly applied.

--    The picture tuning function needs to be simpler for less
sophisticated users such as myself.  Separate controls for sharpness,
brightness, color temperature, and contrast would be nice (Picasa)
has these.

Contrast at least is available in 0.24 onwards. Ubuntu and its
derivatives still ship 0.22, sorry. You can get 0.24 from the PPA at ht

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