Re: [Shotwell] Adjust photo in fullscreen

Dear Jens

For my own it's working correctly after your explanation.

The errors i say to you are on the more recent version of shotwell, not the 24.5 one.. After installing some package that's seems necessary to compile it (more precisely libgdata-dev).

Sorry to use wrong version.


Le 28/02/2017 à 03:44, Jens Georg a écrit :

Does it work if you use AppWindow.get_instance() instead? Otherwise we can

I have now:
// do this so window size is properly allocated, but window not shown
but nothing has changed, same problem.

Ah sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant tool_window.set_transient_for(AppWindow.get_instance());

But that's probably not helping as well.

-- Jérôme
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