Re: [Shotwell] Relocating files

On 04/06/17 17:30, Boris Goldowsky wrote:
I'm attempting to get my photo files organized.  For no good reason I have some of my photos in ~/Pictures, and others in ~/Photos; I want to consolidate all into the standard "Pictures" directory.

What appears to be the canonical advice for dealing with situations like this is:

  - move one of the directories away.  Files will now show up as "Missing" in Shotwell.
  - Make sure setting "Watch Library Directory.." is on
  - copy the files into the library directory, and Shotwell should recognize them, so that they will no longer show up as missing.

Would an export then re-import work? I rename files a lot and to do this I often export quite big batches out of Shotwell, delete and trash, rename the files (using a bash script), then re-import.


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