Re: [Shotwell] Adjust photo in fullscreen

On Sun, 2017-02-26 at 13:59 -0600, Jerome Verleyen wrote:
Dear Jens

I'm using Cinnamon desktop. The more strange is when i type "Alt
the icon of shotwell window show me the image as it sould be: with
adjust window...

*sigh* I suspect that it's the "don't crash on wayland" bugfix. If you
can build shotwell yourself, you can try reverting
1eec412e97c255c9ca235e039dcdc59ee4c3c140 and see if that fixes it.

Another starng issue now is that when i delete the photo in
the photo is deleted but the image stay in the screen. I've to come
on "normal" view to see that the photo is deleted..

Odd, I will check.

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