Re: [Shotwell] shotwell: raw+jpg pairing and high CPU usage

On Mi, 2016-08-31 at 20:20 +0200, timbuktu mailbox org wrote:

I have two possibly related issues with shotwell:

- I moved my image library containing thousands of RAW+JPEG pairs to
a different 
external hard drive.
- Shotwell (mostly) correctly detected the old library in the new
location and 
- However, additionally I have now for each pair a *shotwell.jpg or
*embedded.jpg file.
- I tried deleting, but shotwell re-creates them.
- This leaves me with
      a) thousands of unwanted files
      b) shotwell ?sometimes? displays the version which is shotwell-
developed i.e. sth 
completely different from the camera-development. ! :-(
i.e. I cannot display the picture, I have taken, with shotwell.
- Settings > Raw-Developer is set to "camera"

That's unfortunate, and I think I've seen this myself here as well. Can
you file a ticket at Thank you.

- When I start shotwell, it runs for approx. one hour with 100% CPU
- during this time shotwell is responding slowly / it is not usable

If you could attach to shotwell with gdb and get a backtrace during
that time, it might be a hint on what goes wrong, but as you say it's
producing camera developments, I suspect it's them.

Even moving to a different software would be a major pain, as tags
are not written 
to raw+jpg pairs ... of course I have loads of tags. ;-)

Yeah... There's a bug open about this as well IIRC.

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